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Bible Study and Discipleship   

We are a ministry dedicated to studying the Bible as the authentic and inerrant Word of God. Our aim is that through the study of the Bible, students might personally encounter Jesus Christ and dedicate their lives to following him as disciples. We offer inductive-style one-on-one and group bible studies to equip students with the necessary maturity, knowledge, and skills to become disciples and disciple-makers.



We were created to worship God! Worship is central to our relationship with God and with one another, as the body of Christ. We meet to worship together every Sunday at 11am at our church, located at 344 Bloor St. W (Unit #308). 



Fellowship is an important part of growing in faith and as the body of Christ. We make it a priority to meet together in Christ-centred fellowship including reflection-sharing meetings, Sunday worship, sports activities, conferences, and retreats.

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Toronto University Bible Fellowship

344 Bloor Street West, #308 Toronto, ON M5S 3A7, Canada
(647) 529-7381 ut12disciples@gmail.com

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