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by   09/29/2011   2_Chronicles 20:1~30


What was the very challenging problem facing Judah? (1–2) What did King Jehoshaphat resolve? (3) What did the people of Judah do? (4) 2. In his prayer, what did King Jehoshaphat say about God? (5–7) What was the unique function of the Jerusalem temple? (8–9; cf. 7:14–16) How did he pray about the injustice of Israel’s enemies? (10–12a) How did he depend on God? (12b) How were the people united in prayer? (13) 3. What encouraging message from God did Jahaziel give to King Jehoshaphat and the nation? (14–17) How did each group respond, and why? (18–19) What did King Jehoshaphat do, and how did he encourage his people? (20) 4. Read verse 21. Why did Jehoshaphat appoint singers? For what were they to praise God? What can we learn here about the power of thanksgiving before facing a problem? (Mk 11:24; 1Jn 5:14–15) 5. What did God do for his people, and how did they enjoy God’s blessing? (22–30) What influence did this have on the surrounding nations? Summarize the faith of King Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah. At this Thanksgiving, how can you apply this faith to your practical life and ministry?

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