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by   10/31/2008  


1. [1-8]. What was Joshua’s situation? (1) What was God’s command, promise and strategy in his words to Joshua? (1-2) At this what did Joshua do? What were his orders to his chosen fighting men? (5-8) How extensive was his obedience to God’s word of command? 2. [9-17]. Where was the ambush placed? (9) What did Joshua and the army who were with him do? (10,11) How did they have the soldiers take up their positions? (12-13) How were the king of Ai and his men lured? What did it result in? (14-17). 3. [18-29]. Read verse 18. What direction did God give to Joshua for the fight? What was God’s repeated sure promise? How did the men in the ambush act at Joshua’s direction? (19) How were the fighting men of Ai caught? (20-22a) What did Israel do with the men of Ai? (22b-25) Look at verse 26. What was the extent of Joshua’s fighting? What did he do with the city and the king who was captured alive? (28-29) 4. [30-35] After the victory over Ai, what did Joshua do? Describe the Bible reading ceremony on Mount Ebal? What does this mean?


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