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by   02/12/2010   Romans 1:8~32


1. What was Paul’s first thanksgiving topic? (8) What did Paul wholeheartedly and constantly do for them? (9–10a) What were his vision and his prayer topic? (Ac1:8; 19:21; 10b) 2. For what reason did Paul want to see them? (11a) What spiritual gift did he want to give them, and why? (11b–12) What did Paul want them to be aware of? (13) 3. To whom was Paul obligated? (14) Why? (1Ti1:13–16) What did this inspire him to do also for the saints at Rome? (15) 4. Read verses 16–17. Why might the saints in Rome have been ashamed of the gospel? Why was Paul not? (16b) What does it mean that the gospel is “the power of God”? (4; 1Co15:5,9–10; Lk22:57–60; Ac3:15;Ac19:8–22) What is revealed in the gospel? (17) How is the gospel working in and through you currently? 5. How did Paul describe the moral and spiritual condition of people in the Roman Empire? (18–32) How is this similar to our contemporary situation? How is the gospel the only solution to this?

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